On Mental Health Awareness // Little Black Bear

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My practice for my anxiety is pranyama.
I first began yoga because of my panic attacks, my chest would tighten, my breath would shorten, I would freeze in fear, sometimes for a day or so they would last. It really made it hard to finish university.

I found yoga and meditation and it changed my world. It didn't take away my anxiety but it made it manageable. Especially the breath work. My teachers like Ryan Leier and Father Joe have told me that if the exhale is longer than the inhale this can be the medicine for anxiety. I tired it and guess what, they were right.

So now when I feel the anxiety start to come I lay down flat, close my eyes and nourish that sweet breath. I extend the exhale as long as I can and hold breath retention for a few secs.
Even 10 of these conscious breaths help to calm me. I use this technique pretty much daily.

This is my tool🐻🙏❤

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